Blue Lips- Acoustic Suicide By Noel Heart

We will have an upcoming interview with one of these writes, as soon as she get the time 😉

Starstone/by Veronica Merlin

Wonderful writer and poet, Noel Heart just released her poetry collection last night.

Blue Lips – Acoustic Suicide, available now, as a paperback;

blue lips acoustic

The E-book is coming soon!

I got the honor of writing on the back of the cover, so I will be lazy and just quote myself;

“A beautiful collection of poetry, from a very honest and open minded poet. Blue Lips will be sure to enchant you, right from the start and leave you wanting more as you turn the last page.

It varies from being raw, haunting and almost bleeding, to being amusing and quirky. You never know what to expect, as each poem has its own story to tell.

I have enjoyed reading this collection very much as it is open to interpretation and enables me to relate to it easily. I am looking forward to, and hope there will be, a follow-up…

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